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Gifts And Semblances

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  1. Nov 06,  · I wouldn’t necessarily say to make it seem useless - most semblances in RWBY don’t fall under that wing, unlike say, MHA quirks. It’s imo more important to give it some backing and relevance beyond “just a cool power”, be it relating to the character’s personality, inspiration, .
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  3. Follow/Fav The End of the Circus: Of Gifts And Semblances. By: Pyeknu. Conceived and initially written by Dr. Tempo. A prequel side story to The End of the Circus, occurring some months before the start of the main story. Doctor Renaissance goes to Remnant to explore the similarities between the local Aura/Semblance abilities and Gifts bestowed.
  4. The End of the Circus: A Tale of the Yizibajohei Side Story: Of Gifts And Semblances by Dr. Tempo and Fred Herriot. Tsukurimashō! (), composed and arranged by Itō Masumi, lyrics by Itō Masumi and Nishikiori Hiroshi. Daybreak (), composed by Barry Manilow and Adrienne Anderson.
  5. I want more passive/always-on Semblances like Qrow and Hazel and Maria. Can Semblances change the appearance of the user? That could be cool. Other interesting ideas: A person who can lock himself in place, becoming immovable for a few seconds. This could be useful in disorienting enemies by freezing while in midair or to block attacks.
  6. I like the idea of Summer's semblance a lot, it's really creative! It's fair to be hesitant on using similar semblances, but hereditary semblances seem to be exactly the same from person to person. Also, for the whole Branwin semblances thing, we don't know what Tai's semblance is, so Yang could have a semblance more similar to him, rather than Raven.
  7. Manipulation semblances include anyone who can manipulate any form of matter including air, water, magnetism, ice, or anything else of that nature. It is important to note that these types of semblances can only manipulate one type of material, and can choose one of creation, solidification, or immunity to own semblance as a secondary perk.
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